Bulk Emails

RDIT grants you bulk email facilities that help you to save your time while sending several emails with just one click. These days, email showcasing assumes a significant job hence it is essential to actuate mass messages for your business.

Packages Per Month Emails Pro Plan Pro Plus Plan Validity
Plan 1 2,500 Emails/Month Rs 720/- Rs 820/- 10 Year
Plan 2 7,500 Emails/Month Rs 2,240/- Rs 2,500/- 10 Year
Plan 3 12,500 Emails/Month Rs 3,170/- Rs 4,500/- 10 Year
Plan 4 20,000 Emails/Month Rs 4,500/- Rs 5,500/- 10 Year
Plan 5 30,000 Emails/Month Rs 5,500/- Rs 6,500/- 10 Year
Plan 6 50,000 Emails/Month Rs 7,200/- Rs 8,500/- 10 Year
Plan 7 1 Lakh Emails/Month Rs 11,850/- Rs 13,850/- 10 Year
Plan 8 1 Lakh + Emails/Month Contact Us Contact Us 10 Year

* Prepay and save: 6 Month Prepay: 5% off // 12 Month Prepay: 10% off

* Minimum subscription: 2,500-7,500: 3 months // other plans: 2 months

* Unused e-mail credits will not be carried over to the next month

* Extra e-mail credits fee: Rs 380 per 1,000 emails.

* After Account Creation Payment Non-Refundable

* Try the Pro Plus version FREE with up to 25 emails

Complete Feature List :- Free Pro Pro Plus

Easily Import Contacts

# contacts

Max. 1,000 Unlimited Unlimited

Open & Click-Through Rate Reporting

Advanced Reporting with activity per contact

Create & Send Great Emails

No CC, no BCC, no "undisclosed recipients"

Email Newsletter Builder

Built-in Editor

Upload your own HTML files

Send Plain Text Newsletters

Template gallery with 30 sample lay-outs

Sender addresses libraryentation of H1/H2 & Bold tgs to Content

Personalize newsletters with "mail merge"

Schedule e-mails for a later date and time

Include Attachments

Send targeted e-mails using filters

Social Media Integration

Forward to a Friend

Test Messages


Re-use previous e-mails

Unlimited Image Hosting

Embedded Images

Inline CSS

Send in any language

Google Analytics Integration

API automation

Powerful Reporting and Archiving

Newsletter archives

Public archives

RSS feeds

Open Tracking

Click Tracking

Interactive Graphs


E-mail Programs Usage

Advanced Reporting with activity per contact

Bounceback Reports

Forward to a Friend Reports

Google Analytics Integration

Export as PDF or as image

API automation

Manage Lists & Contacts

Unlimited Groups

Unlimited Fields

Easily Import Contacts

Automated list deduplication & cleanup

Edit contacts as in a spreadsheet

Export contacts at any time

Segmentation using filters

Bulk unsubscribe contacts

Automated unsubscribe handling

Automated bounceback handling

Contact Preference center

API automation

Collect contacts through your website

Unlimited Sign-up Forms

Automatic & Hosted Forms

Confirmed Opt-in

Build advanced forms easily

Customize Opt-in/Opt-out pages

Redirect People back to your site

Create Fancy Signup Buttons

Subscriber Count Chiclet

Recommend us & Earn Commission

Affiliate Program

Referral Program

Account Management & Infrastructure

Multi-User Access

Fully Redundant, World Class Infrastructure

Encrypted & Redundant Data Storage

ISP feedback loop integration

Whitelisted at major ISPs

Extensive Knowledge Base

Fast, knowledgeable support